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In Morocco, the floods of Ourika, aggravated by climate change, carry many solid waste downstream of the watershed. This waste pollutes drinking water, making residents sick. Our participants compost food waste and sell it.

The participants of our study are connected on a Facebook group. During a flood in the Ourika wadi in Morocco, women living upstream of the stream use the Facebook group to warn the women who live downstream to prepare themselves and protect their families and property.

Water scarcity is compounded by weak access to water and climate change. Poor women in informal settlements have weak access to water because they do not have formal land rights.

This research project was designed to gain a more nuanced understanding of how multiple interacting shocks and risks, including climate variability and HIV/Aids, influence capital stocks, local livelihood choices, and consequently vulnerability and food security.

The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) is implementing climate and flood resilient (CFR) houses in two clusters in two villages namely Char Dhushmara and Char Haibat Kha in the sub-district Kaunia upazila of Rangpur district in Bangladesh in the lower Teesta flood plain.

Short term paddy varieties will utilize less water compared to long term varieties. Therefore, shifting to short term varieties will help the farmers to protect their crop under limited water availability.

People in informal settlements in urban areas often leverage networks with labour contractors or kin from their villages to earn their livelihoods in cities.

Increased awareness and uptake of water management practices such as drip and sprinkler irrigation in Karnataka (and to some extent Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra).

Women and water are intrinsically linked. The sharp gender division of work makes it women’s responsibility to secure, manage and store water for the household needs; also, a greater dependence of women on natural resources in rural areas make them more vulnerable to extreme climatic events.

The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) is a global consortium of individuals and institutions dedicated to the analysis of climate change mitigation and adaptation from an urban perspective.