Catchment Management

Coordination of activities undertaken by water users and water service providers for the short-term planning of the use and delivery of water resources while taking into account the end of rainy season outcomes. Such planning is critical to adequately support economic activities.

Climate Related Risk

Disruption to human settlements, Increased variability of crop yields, Increased sediment load, Tree mortality and forest loss, Changes in precipitation, Changes in temperature, Change in water quality, Drought, Flooding, Sea-level rise, More frequent and extreme events (general)

Form of Option

Behavioural, Ecosystem-based, Educational, Information, Institutions and governance, Technological

Country of Origin

Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago


Households, Province, county, or region, Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners)


The option has been recommended within the project report but has not been implemented

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things, Change in policy, laws or regulation