Drip irrigation

Increased awareness and uptake of water management practices such as drip and sprinkler irrigation in Karnataka (and to some extent Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra). This behavioural change is not seen in all groups - typically medium to large landholders (>4 acres land) and is facilitated by government subsidies (tribal groups get upto 90% subsidy on the initial cost). Using drip and sprinklers has helped reduce water loss and consumption but has seen a shift towards vegetables and floriculture, crops which are water-intensive.

Climate Related Risk

Disruption to human settlements, Increased variability of crop yields, Changes in precipitation, Extreme precipitation, Change in water quality, Change in water quantity, Change in water quantity table, Drought, Ecosystem services

Form of Option


Country of Origin



Households, Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners), Specific group in a society (e.g. women, Indigenous, slum-dwellers)


The option exists in a real setting and was not created as part of the project., The option has been identified and implemented with indication that it will continue beyond the context of the project.

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things, Change in policy, laws or regulation