Establish and strengthen growers' networks, clubs and associations

Fish farmers who are well connected with other fish farmers, whether it is through informal networks, clubs or formal associations, have better access to information about climate risks and options to manage these risks. One practical way to build such connections is to bring individual farmers to visit other groups and see what they do. The benefits of groups can include sharing equipment, cheaper feed prices, and improved access to markets all of which can help reduce climate-related risks (floods, droughts, disease outbreaks) to profits.

Climate Related Risk

Drought, Flooding, More frequent and extreme events (general)

Form of Option

Institutions and governance

Country of Origin



Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners)


The option exists in a real setting and was not created as part of the project., The option has been identified and implemented with indication that it will continue beyond the context of the project.

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things