Participatory watershed management

Community participation is the key to watershed development programs, particularly when an area is at risk of drought and depleting water resources. For instance, a committee called a Watershed Community can be established. Those who participate in the watershed development project would engage in ways such as approving Strategic Plans and Annual Action Plans, as well as carrying out reviews of progress during implementation phase. The Watershed Committee (WC) acts as the executive body of a larger Watershed Association (comprised of self-help and user groups) and carry out the day-today activities of watershed development projects, subject to overall supervision and control of the Watershed Association. The participation of local stakeholders not only ensures the long-term sustainability of watershed development through ownership by local communities, but also empowers the communities to initiate activities on their own and take optimal advantage of watershed benefits.

Climate Related Risk

Reduction in crop yields, Change in groundwater quantity, Drought

Form of Option


Country of Origin



Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners)


The option exists in a real setting and was not created as part of the project.

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things