Platform for knowledge exchange between scientists and policy makers

The AfricaInteract project is an African-wide initiative aimed at providing an appropriate forum for interaction among a broad range of stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa on climate change adaptation. The overall objective of AfricaInteract is to develop a platform for the effective and efficient transfer of information to policy makers, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the resilience of vulnerable populations. Targeted stakeholders include civil society, researchers, policy-makers, development partners, and the private sector working on adaptation to climate change in agriculture, health and urban development. The initiative focuses on agriculture, health and urban with water as a cross cutting issue.

Climate Related Risk

Not clearly identified

Form of Option


Country of Origin



Municipality/urban area, Private entities (business)


The option has been recommended within the project report but has not been implemented

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things