Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)

The formalization of RWH at the household and community level to improve water quality, the sharing of availability information, inclusion of extra storage for climate variability. For agriculture, the use of check dams to capture run-off for use for micro-irrigation. In the case of Barbados it would be for aquifer recharge.

Climate Related Risk

Disruption to human settlements, Human Health (general), Vector-borne diseases, Increased sediment load, Changes in precipitation, Cyclone/hurricane/typhoon, Change in groundwater quality, Drought, Flooding, More frequent and extreme events (general)

Form of Option

Educational, Engineering and built environment, Technological

Country of Origin

Barbados, Grenada


Households, Municipality/urban area, Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners)


The option exists in a real setting and was not created as part of the project.

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in policy, laws or regulation, Change or implementation of a program