Treadle pumps

A treadle pump is a human-powered suction pump that sits on top of a well and is used for irrigation. Treadle pumps have primarily been developed for pumping water for irrigation, and can be used to a depth of seven metres or less. Other uses include pumping potable water for domestic and livestock consumption. Treadle pumps free farmers from dependence on rain-fed irrigation and helps farmers maximize return on their small plots of land. The treadle pump can do most of the work of a motorized pump, but costs considerably less.

Climate Related Risk

Changes in precipitation, Change in water quantity table, Drought, Drying trend

Form of Option


Country of Origin

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda


Households, Resource-dependent people (e.g. farmers, fishers, miners)


The option has been identified and implemented with no indication that it will continue beyond the context of the project.

Institution / Legal Reach

Change in norms or ways of doing things