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An electrical resistivity survey produces a graph that allows to determine the salt content of groundwater sources. In most systems, metal probes (electrodes) are inserted into the ground to obtain a reading of the local electrical resistance.

Development of a university degree at the bachelor's level on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

In the region under study, Benin, climate change is projected to decrease overall rainfall and negatively impact crop yields in a country highly dependent on agriculture.

Working along with several levels of government (planners, elected officials, technical personnel) to develop a guide for the integration of climate change adaptation into development plans.

An adaptive governance process is a type of policy that is able to adapt to anticipated conditions and build upon insights into cause-and-effect relationships and an understanding of system complexities, capacities, performance, and dynamics.

To identify specific examples of adaptive policy mechanisms, this project is conducting community-level case studies in Canada and India.

This study identified a wide range of improvements that residents in flood-prone areas have implemented in their homes including: building dikes, embankment, raised structures, raised toilets, the use of pumps, digging trenches or using sandbags.

The Local Adaptation Plan for Flood Water (Plan Local d'Adaptation aux Eaux d'Inondation) is a local planning and management tool that includes technical, organizational, environmental and institutional measures to adapt households, infrastructure

A rainwater drainage channel was constructed in a community that suffers frequent flooding where residents had to pump the water out. The channel runs along 80 meters and it is approximately 80 cm width x 60 cm height.

This analysis consisted of an in-depth evaluation of alternative agricultural techniques using economic tools, such as cost-benefit analysis, to encourage uptake of agricultural options by farmers who are usually risk averse.