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The current legal system in Chile assigns water rights to private users who can then trade them. Water permits are assigned to perpetuity and permit holders can own water that is situated on land that they do not own.

This strategy seeks to integrate farming of different species that benefit each other. The waste of one produce becomes the input of another.

The authors aim to change farming policy in the Punjab region including eliminating free water and energy and increasing incentives for reducing water consumption and energy consumption.

A policy brief was developed on ways to promote eco-tourism in Nepal and take advantage of the ecology of the region.

This study saw the creation of a policy brief document about the dissemination of climate change information through internet connectivity (information and communication technology – ICT).

Rain-fed agriculture, which supports the livelihoods of a majority of the country's population, is highly sensitive to climate factors.

Alongside programs to mitigate growing water scarcity, lives and livelihoods are being transformed by increased levels of migration of people from rural villages to neighboring towns, cities and other villages in search of work.

Development of a contingency plan for protecting headwaters via reforestation and acquisition of land by a community-based organization.

Disaster warnings are considered to be a linear process of communication between warning-issuing organizations and recipients of the warnings.

Screened wastewater is mixed with varying amounts of recycled liquid containing organisms taken from a secondary clarifying tank, and it becomes a product called mixed liquor.