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Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland.

Integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) is a combination of organic materials (animal manures, crop residues, green manures or composts) with mineral fertilizers and the use of N-fixing legumes to improve fertilizer use efficiency and soil and

Smallholder farmers in West Africa usually dispose of crop residues by burning.

Adjusting crop planting dates can minimize total irrigation water requirements for maize in situations of water shortages and competing uses.

The Focus City (FC) pilot project, based in MIRR, Lima, trained 183 participants to carry out housing repairs and improvements in their community.

This Focus City (FC) project, fixed in neighbourhood-specific areas of Moreno, focused on the restoration of degraded public spaces within the city.

The Focus City (FC) project, centered in La Soukra, focused on agricultural interventions within the city boundary.

The Focus City (FC) urban agriculture project focused on growing herbs and ornamental species of plants for household sale in MIRR, a low-income community centered along Lima’s Rimac River.

The Focus City Research Initiative (FCRI) took place in a flood-prone area in the northwestern part of Kampala, characterized by informal settlements.

The project assessed the production and dissemination of information about settlement patterns, population densities and water resource management relative to policy.